Thursday, April 17, 2014

planning our wedding: say no to pinterest

i'm serious. 

i was adamant about not using pinterest to plan our wedding because what pinterest is for women is like what porn is for men: addicting and reality-skewing. it's a serious addiction (much like any social media), but particularly unhealthy during an emotional wedding planning process.

the reason i have a strong point of view on this us because i have such a strong inclination for ocd behavior with tools like pinterest. it's the visual candy store no one could've imagined, but someone created and now we are like flies drawn to an electric fly trap. 

knowing this about my tendencies, i told myself i would not use it to plan the wedding and committed to it. (i also committed to not look at any wedding blogs.) if you are like me, i highly recommend staying away from pinning your way to some "dream" wedding. you will likely get carpel tunnel, blurry vision, a wedding budget explosion, and a disappointed spirit. 

in full disclosure, i did end up pinning a few times to capture some ideas mostly for the boutonniere, bouquet and make-up. i made a secret board with 30 pins, but it's public now so you can see what i drew some inspiration from.

by saying no to pinterest, 
  • i noticed i would be most tempted to use it when i wanted to escape my current reality. i could taste it in my mouth....the deliciously distracting images, and i wanted it baaad. these were the times i was most grateful i committed to saying no to pinterest for the duration of my wedding planning.
  • i could keep my eyes focused on making value-based decisions, not emotionally-based decisions. 
what do you need to say no to?


  1. too bad you got married after me and not before. I could have used this advice! I didn't pintrest I wedding-mag-ed. And it wasn't good for me. I thought it would help me come up with ideas, figure out what I want. It just did all the stuff you described. Love to you Liz! <3 Amber

    1. :-) love love love to you too amber. miss you dearly!

  2. haha i seriously would not have survived if pinterest was around when i was planning my wedding. it was hard enough as it was. really loved your approach to wedding planning. i think in hindsight there were a lot of things i regretted with spending. i think during the planning process it's so hard to see what is important and what's not important.. but in hindsight, there were a lot of things we could have cut out!

  3. "Pinterest is for women is like what porn is for men: addicting and reality-skewing."

    Brilliant. I feel the same way about the fitness memes I see on Facebook everyday.


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