Tuesday, January 28, 2014

desperate times calls for prolific measures

when we drove out here, i made sure to bring a jar of kimchee on our 1,006 mile road trip. i knew i'd need to eat some shortly after arrival. but what i treasured so dearly, i killed within two weeks of arrival. i needed my kimchee...bad. real bad. 

well, there's nothing like the lack of options (and a desperate palate that needs mouth-watering korean pickled goodness) to inspire me to make my own kimchee! and not just kimchee...

this past weekend, i made the following because i needed some asian lovin':
  • tom kha (thai coconut soup)
    • variation: used tofu instead of meat
    • note: surprisingly easy to make
  • do chau
    • variation: i salted the julienned daikon and carrots, then rinsed them with cold water and drained before putting it into a jar.
  • pad see ew
    • variation: instead of fresh rice noodles (this might be an impossible ingredient to find here in montana), i used large dried rice noodles.
    • variation: i made my own marinade for the beef, only because i didn't notice that the recipe offered a suggestion. oops.
  • jjang ah chee (korean pickled veggies)
    • mom's recipe
  • ggak doo ghee (korean radish kimchee)
    • mom's recipe
  • greek yogurt (this is obviously not asian, but...same same)
    • i used the link above and this one to make the yogurt.
    • note: i had trouble straining it, so the creaminess came out between regular yogurt and greek. definitely going to try this again with better tools. 
    • the whey produced from straining was shortly after to make bread pudding with leftover stale bread. YUM!

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