Sunday, March 10, 2013

johua tree | following the light

after tedactive, i spent a couple days in joshua tree to decompress from an exhausting/energizing week. i went from spending 24/5 with 800 people to the solitude of the desert. it was the perfect way to bookend such a powerful week of inspiration, ideas, paradigm shifts and relational progress. i went from listening to people talk (and talking myself) to spending most of my time quietly being and listening to the presence of the desert.

the ted conference teaches me that humans have a tremendous capacity to discover and articulate the mysteries of and "solutions" for this world. it's blown my mind at times. but, in its silence, the wilderness articulates this world's truths by simply being itself. it's been preparing its "18-minute talk" since the beginning of time and has always been open source for anyone who wants to listen. the wilderness invites me to be with, not needing to be anyone else but me. i don't have to show it my resume or list my accolades or tell her who i know. she invites me to show up simply as i am. it's there i remember that i am beloved in all the world, to the Creator of it all.

perhaps that's why i love being in the wilderness so much.


  1. we're planning on going out there in a week or two! :)

    1. fabulous! can't wait to see your pics!


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