Wednesday, March 20, 2013

em + david | meant to be.

i haven't done an engagement session in forever, by pure intention. but, when my friend em asked if i would do an engagement session with them, i knew i would make an exception. and i'm so glad i said yes. 

what struck me most about this session was how beautiful emily was in my eyes. the best part is that i'm not the one who's marrying her. david is. and i can't even imagine how stunning she is in his eyes. how one sees their beloved is a such a deep magical experience. 

it was clear to me the well of love that flows between these two. i hope you see it too. (and isn't em just gorgeous? wow!)


to a very happy beginning and the journey of a lifetime. 
love you guys!

(& a special thank you to my love, samuel, for carrying a heavy bag and coming alongside to play. xo)

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