Monday, January 21, 2013

glacier national park | preview

last august, i went backpacking in glacier national park with four friends. it's been more than six months since that trip, but i'm finally ready to share some photos. here's a preview of what's to come.

this photo was taken after a grueling climb up the peak i'm standing on in this photo. i was not myself during that climb and my friends were worried because i had such low energy. it wasn't until later that i realized it was a calorie issue and my blood sugar was far too low. but regardless, we made it to the peak, went through the tunnel and came out to this view

it took my breath away and birth new energy in me. nature has a way of affecting me in that way. after our lunch break, we trekked down to elizabeth lake (the one in the photo), where we camped at the foot of the lake. this is where i met two very interesting groups camping at the same site, saw a moose, and possibly contracted giardia.

stay tuned.

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