Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 intentions.

i have two intentions this year:
1. commitment
2. get shit done

the first one struck me between the eyes during the trip to peru. i was sitting on a mid-sized window sill, wrapped up in my sleeping bag, jotting down some thoughts that had woken me up early that morning. i was wondering about what it might look like to sink into commitment. i felt my body tense up a bit at that consideration.

i am a free bird. i don't like the feeling of perceiving that i am trapped. what if i can't just go do whatever i want whenever i want to? what if i'm obligated to something or someone, and i can't go do that really-fun-activity-that-just-came-up because i'm committed to something else? that would suck! ...i think. 

more than anything, it scares me because i still perceive commitment as a limitation. but what if it's actually a catalyst to bring more freedom?

why hello there, commitment.

the next obvious intention was "get shit done." i LOVE this intention. it forces me to let go of perfectionismthis intention encourages me to show up and just do it - whatever it is. it's releases me from perfectionism's paralyzing grip. what is "perfect" anyway? it's how we define it, right? sometimes i think i could use a little more of an accepting-things-as-is attitude, instead of always trying to improve/fix everything.

what are your intentions for 2013? 

1 comment:

  1. love those!

    mine is: no more excuses! discipline is the name of the game this year!


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