Sunday, December 23, 2012

towards presence.

i shouldn't be, but i am.

i'm astounded by how easily i slip into dwelling in the past or the future, 
my mind dances with what's possible (or not), 
and what is no longer. 

sometimes it's easier and seemingly less painful to be doing that dance, rather than being present to what is right in front of me. 

but yesterday, i drove over 200 miles to go visit two friends for their annual crab fest. (the term "annual" is used loosely here.) i was slightly hesitant to go because there was a part of me that felt like the drive would be daunting given the current downpour of rain. and it was. i saw a car spin out of control along with several accidents, sat in 0mph traffic, and hit two of the biggest potholes i've ever encountered on a back country road to bodega bay. (poor little civic.)

but i felt some things i haven't felt in a while...inspired. 
and hopeful.
and eager.

and i felt myself moving towards presence.

for now, i can breathe deep again. 

i leave for peru today for a rainy trip to an ancient world. i'm looking forward to the experience and am hopeful for what it might bring. 

hope you end your 2012 with days full of presence, curiosity, and delight. see you in 2013!



  1. have a blast in peru!! :) it's so beautiful there.

    1. thanks esther! machu picchu was amazing!!!!!


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