Tuesday, June 12, 2012

post 50k race observations.


  • hungry all day! every hour, my body craved fruit, protein, and/or water
  • i was more tired than i thought i would be
  • going up and down stairs is surprisingly painful
  • calves & quads are super tight
  • both index toenails are tender, the left one is discoloring more rapidly
  • i thought i was going to lose my pinky toenails, but they seem to be doing better today
  • this sounds a little odd, but my quads and calves feel massive. not sure if they look that way too.
  • later in the day, my abs feel spent
  • still have a pretty picky palette; wanting mostly fruit and fresh vegetables
  • felt thirsty all day and therefore had to take many bio breaks
  • hips are particularly tight; stretches that help open my hips & hamstrings/glutes feel amazing
  • very tempted to work out on day two of recovery, but i think i should sleep instead of waking up at 5:30am to crossfit. hmm.

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