Wednesday, June 20, 2012

oregon | mushroom consumption

the morels were obviously edible, but during our hunt, we also found a variety of mushroom that we weren't certain of. we did what was most logical....fill up an entire bag to take back home and then google it!
we thought maybe they were cauliflower mushroom at first, but the image search didn't leave us feeling very confident. i mean, there are many deadly mushrooms out there and i certainly wasn't interested in dying two days later. but, hope struck when isaac's mom suggested we google "coral mushroom." grins formed and immediately isaac typed away. AH-HA!

with that, the mushrooms was prepared and happily consumed!

on a related note, i was wandering around a store that sells every odd end, and came across these giant morels the same day i edited the morel photo above. needless to say, i was surprised and delighted by such serendipity! 

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