Friday, January 13, 2012

chicago | beckoning of lovely 11.11.11

in november, i visited chicago for the first time for a couple reasons. one of my main reasons was to participate in the final beckoning of lovely gathering. i arrived alone, knowing no one, completely open (and a bit shy) as to what might unfold. 

when amy and the yellow umbrella arrived, cheering ensued and i felt a palpable energy of anticipation. i like to believe that we all were there to feed the inner child in us that believes in the goodness of people and the hope of living a life of whimsy, love, kindness, openness and play. 

it turned out to be a very special gathering where we all made a wish, sent "i love you" texts at the same exact time, witnessed a public marriage proposal, sang together, laughed together, and experienced the magic of lovely together. it was particularly special because i received a memorable charm necklace of millenium park and met a bunch of lovely women who i got "merried" to, and even made a new friend who i ended up spending the rest of the day with!

remembering this event reminds me of a couple things about life:
  • when your heart is stirred, piqued, curious...pursue it. show up.
  • and wait.
  • raise your hand and say, "i'm here." you will get called on to participate.
  • smile and say hello.
  • be curious always
  • let things emerge as they do.
  • HAVE FUN!!!!

the lovely ladies that traveled from afar to share the day. merried & bringers of peace.
people got white pillow cases and were asked to draw a cloud on it. i drew my cloud on my arm.

the event ended with everyone singing. the words of this song resonate: we're here because we're here because we're here because we're here... (9:20-9:40 in video below)
this video was made by amy and captures the entire event in 11:11.  (i even make a lil cameo appearance at 4:00-4:20)

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