Saturday, September 10, 2011

high sierra trail | day 4 | maurine lake to junction meadow

today's mileage: 14 miles

during day 4-6, i packed up my camera up because it was becoming a bit too cumbersome to pull out and use or have it hanging off my neck-ish area. it felt good to just be on the journey, not necessarily documenting it. 

pictures below: maurine lake in the still morning, the hot springs where 15 boy scouts took over, and finally the first & last campfire we had. the fire was such a treat!

the funniest memory of day 4:
robel is massaging melody's feet. it's dark, and i can only see them by the glow of the fire. robel says, "your feet are stiff....girl, have you been hiking?" we all burst out into laughter and declared that line to be the best quote of the trip. turns out, it was. 

snippets from day 4's journal entry:
"today was really hard. really hard. i didn't eat enough and was pretty hungry for the last few miles. it was quieter than the other days.
... and i felt determined. like really really determined. there is a fire, a drive, a passion, a Spirit that is beyond me
...i felt overwhelmed by the beauty
....the days are starting to blur a bit."

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