Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i noticed it when i looked up.

on tuesday, i sat outside in the back lot of my office to take a break from the waterfall of details i'm drenched in right now. after inhaling my my burrito (light on the rice and beans please), zanahorias curtidas and squirts of lime juice, i sat there, letting the sun's rays soak into my skin; i needed to slow down and breathe. it's been a busy work week, coupled with the details of preparing for a week-long backpacking trip in the wilderness - a duration i've never done before, and one that is causing a bit of humbling anxiety.

while sitting there breathing, i looked up and noticed these flowers. (you wouldn't know that i was surrounded by mostly concrete from the picture.) it was so beautiful that i stared for a while as i squinted to keep my gaze. then went back in to grab my camera. so simple & lovely in every way. 

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