Monday, April 18, 2011

clearing things out | free books!

i'm constantly noticing things that i don't use, that take up space, that i don't need anymore, i could do without, etc etc. you get the point.

so i'm gonna try something new that i'm calling clearing things out. it's me offering my stuff to the internet to see who wants it. you just need to let me know that you want it via comment & i'll mail it to you, hand deliver it (depending on where you stay), or maybe we can even meet halfway! 

to start this off, i noticed i have a few brand new books that i thought i would read, but am positive i never will. if you want any of these books, leave a note with a creative idea for how you'd want the book delivered + book title of your choice + a way to contact you.

i'll probably pick the ideas that make me laugh out loud. and if that wasn't explicit enough...i really.really like things that make me laugh. 

the net delusion : evgeny morozov
is the internet changing the way you think? : edited by john brockman
where good ideas come from : steven johnson
the upside of irrationality : dan ariely

*i'd like to offer some commentary on each, but that usually only works when i've read the book.


  1. I'd claim something.. but I"ll let someone else who's more timely in reading go first. it takes me at least a year to finish a book. :)

  2. i'd love to have "is the internet changing the way you think?"

    and while the postal service is probably the best way to get something to me in colorado, i think it'd be just super if you had an owl like harry potter's that could deliver the package. but please keep the howlers in california. :-)


  3. my tower of bedside books is dangerously tall and unpredictable so no more books for me yet...but i always love reading your make me feel light :)

  4. ooh ooh! me, me, me! I've been wanting to read The Upside of Irrationality...I'm on a one book per week plan for 8 weeks and this is only my second. You should use a sling and send it to me that way? ;)

  5. It would have to be, "where good ideas come from" and if you could send it using a decommisoned ICBM piloted by two African giant snails who could parachute out over my house to deliver it that would be cool.

    If I'm lucky you can contact me through my google account.

  6. Are you Korean? If you are, I'm Korean too! You can see by my name Bo-Min Weon


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