Sunday, February 20, 2011

what i learned from my little sage.

you know what i learned from my 3.5yo niece this weekend?

to ask people to play.
and if they deny you….
to wait a bit,
and then ask again.

and if they deny you again….
don't take it personally.
and ask again.

then you will likely get to ride on the back of a grown-up crawling on all fours pretending to be a dinosaur while chasing an 11-month laughing baby down the hall. then you might get thrown on a large down comforter resembling something of a giant fluffy cloud. i promise you, it'll probably the best thing you do all day!

lessons learned?
ask to play with friends more often.
be persistent.
don't take rejection personally.
there's magic in being open to anything - especially our imaginations!

i had such a good time time this weekend in LA with family and the girls. kids….are pretty damn awesome sometimes.


  1. A very good word to hear today. : ) Welcome home!

  2. this spoke to me. just what i needed to hear. thanks for sharing.


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