Friday, December 24, 2010

friday morning thots. 12/24/10

hey, look. it's friday again!
fridays are my free day, so i can't help but wake up in good spirits. : )
(well, this friday is free day for everyone! even better!!)

fridays are both a symbolic and actionable day that helps move my life in a direction that gives me more balance, solitude, joy, peace, & creativity.

some of you know that i take fridays off from my work at hopelab. (yes, i have 3-day weekends every weekend!) & (no, i'm not "lucky." i call it grace.) it's a choice that helps me remember that my work is not my life and that i don't want to be dominated by the cultural pressure to make my career #1 - especially in the bay area. thankfully i'm part of an organization that encourages and supports having a work/life balance. they don't just talk the talk.

ok, i'm not just some carefree bird. (hehe) i too feel pressure to advance my career, go to grad school, change the world, start a movement, you know...those typical things (hahah)... and i know i have a tendency to become a workaholic. but with years of practice, consciousness, and grace, that harsh voice - that "natural" inclination - has become quieter. it doesn't feel so "natural" anymore. that voice doesn't dominate the way it used to; it doesn't yell at me as much. instead, the voice of gentleness & acceptance has a stronger presence at the table. it gets more air time then it used to. & i prefer the station tuned this way. : )

so fridays help me to remember that it's okay to just be.
that i don't have to do do do do do in order to find my worth and meaning.
that in fact, in being still that i can find a deeper sense of my identity as beloved. it is not based on anything that i do, my talents, skills, accomplishments, failures, distinctions...but merely by acknowledging where i come from....accepting my maker's love.

this friday, i'll wake up. eat breakfast. and hike underneath the beauty of the trees who know exactly who they are. i hope they speak a breath of fresh air & truth into me.

then eventually, i'll find myself at a 11pm candlelit service at my church, to celebrate the one who changed -and continues to change- everything for me.

merry christmas friends.
hope it's a beloved one.

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  1. those are beautiful thoughts Liz. Merry Christmas!


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