Saturday, October 30, 2010

panama :: boquete-the hills

it was epic.

the 4+ hour run in the hills of boquete.
daypack stuffed with bars, water, rain jacket and first aid.
dressed in my favorite running outfit (comfortable and cute).

...i had felt in my body that i desperately needed to run.
i had come to this new country to run. run run hike run...and run.

so i awoke with a ready heart that morning. ate some breakfast at shalom bakery cafe down the street from the hostel we stayed at and was ready to go.

up & up & up
i pointed to the top and said to nat, "i want to be there."
we went on this 2-lane road that wrapped the hips of the most succulent hills.

the sense of beckoning was so real to me that morning...and all i knew was that i was meant to be running. running under the million drops of rain, seeing the clouds overtake the surrounding hills, and breathing in the jungle spoke directly into my soul. the grin on my face and the joy overflowing out of my heart reassured me that i was very much alive.

we ran until we were hesitant to run any further. i was scared about not knowing where we were and by not having a legitimate map; we were also going to run low on calories and would probably have to turn back anyway (the trail didn't seem like it would loop back into town.) the clouds suddenly became eerie to me, and my mind went rampant with headlines of "two american women captured and murdered in the peaceful hills of boquete." it was time.

over four hours later, i finally cross the bridge that lead back into town. it was pouring & i remember being in pure love. steam arose from my skin as i stood there completely soaked, relishing the experience.

in that moment, i remember just knowing i am meant for this - this love of running and adventure. because in this space, i expand. and it's in that expansive space that i can know more love.

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