Tuesday, September 21, 2010


i admit, i usually don't like being in pictures.
but every so often, someone takes one that capture my attention.

i like this one because i'm wearing my favorite outfit doing one of my favorite things.
anyway, that's me. & this is what i shot.


on sunday, i went out with 5 other folks on a photography excursion around lake merritt in oakland. it was probably one of the most inspiring outings i've had in a while. i felt like there was eye candy everywhere. my senses came alive! when i got home at 10pm, i downloaded all my images and edited away for 3 hours, losing all sense of time.

i hit a flow.
& it felt so freakin good.
: )

if you're interested, you can see more shots from the day here.

wishing you a losing & finding of yourself in something you love.

[thanks abel for the great shot. i love it!]

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