Wednesday, April 21, 2010

where are you looking?

georgia mae.
o georgia.

this week, this little gem has been showering me with all the love she knows how to express. georgia receives a lot of love love love from her expressive parents in the form of kisses, verbal affirmations, hugs, listening and presence. so it's just natural for her to mimic what she's experienced.

lucky me, i've been the recipient of her honest heart wide open. her slightly timid but bold "i love you's," her delicate & spontaneous kisses, and her tender hugs have been teaching me to continue to keep my heart wide pursue loving like children give receive love without hesitation.

i found what i was looking for when i stopped looking. sometimes these things just show up at our door, and they ring a really loud doorbell and greet you with a really big smile.

i love you too miss georgia mae. <3


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