Monday, March 1, 2010

montana. part v.

we followed each day as it moved us from one gift to the next.

day 2 (aka valentine's day):
slow wake up
a cafe stop while we waited for a seat at another cafe
what started as 'brunch' ended up being 'lunch' at
no sweat, finally leaving around 1pm.
studio pack up
a good drive-to-the-airpot conversation
my first flight in a cessna
a good drive-from-the-airport conversation
watched the creative process unfold
had a sweet valentine's day dinner (where the former mayor of helena served us) with my four valentines: amy. regan. ryan. & andrew.

it was the best valentine's day i've ever had, seriously. :)

(and not to get all deep or anything -hehe- but it was the best because it was spent in an authenticity of love, passion, & presence, not in a flurry of candied hearts, teddy bears, and 'i love yous' just b/c hallmark said so. :: ok. rant about valentines day ends here, thanks for listening.)

susan is a montana native & enthusiast, writer, pianist, fantastic facilitator. she's someone who i've observed & experienced to be very present-here-and-now, incredibly thoughtful, open-hearted, generous, creative, funky, eats-up-life, wears the most fabulous boots, pilot kinda gal. you probably know the type... ; ) i'm lucky to call her friend.

she showed me a different perspective of montana: top down. it was tremendous. .. to say the least. .. to be able to see in a way that simultaneously paints vision for what was, what is and what could be.

i was most surprised by how peaceful the ride was for my heart and how afterward, the percolation of joy continued with a gentle, yet strong fervor. how could i not after being in such a cute lil thang?


  1. ah wow thats amazing. i really wanna go flying too!!

  2. absolutely incredible. my heart thanks you.


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