Saturday, December 26, 2009

for the love of family

i spent the last couple days with my mom & my dad.
it was the first of it's kind really....just the three of us. and i was struck by the amount of photographic inspiration that swept over me.

i think it had to do with a few things:
1. i've been experiencing more love within these days. and this, i'm finding has been subtly (and powerfully) transforming who i am becoming.
2. as a result, i have been experiencing an increasing love for my family and i want to capture them as much as i can during the special moments that we are physically all together.
3. my dad is quite the interesting looking guy & oddly photogenic. (actually....i think he's quite handsome!)
4. i still have that tilt-shift lens (that i'm now falling in love with).

here's a sneak at one of the images from this weekend.


  1. I LOVE this shot of your parents. It is definitely one that you...and they...will treasure forever. I love the words that you composed in this post and they resonate with me very much. I am so happy to take a glimpse into your beautiful journey of life to get to know you. I know it's going to be a joyful quest;)

  2. wow, that is such a beautiful shot of your parents. did not know they came to visit you!


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