Saturday, December 19, 2009

experimental photography

had to try a tilt-shift lens, especially when:
i had a sudden burst of inspiration + saw a great bargain at + holiday
= time to play & have fun!

i thought i'd just be shoot.shoot.shooting away, but playing with the TS requires more intentionality and slowing down than i had expected. it's good for me. i like the challenge.

anyway, i went to the holiday renegade craft fair today on a whim and besides having my head about to explore from all the omygod.cute.etsy.colorful.handcrafted.goodness spilling out of the fort mason center, i managed to take some pictures along the way.


  1. i love how photos can be interpreted differently by the viewer...when i first saw the one with the buildings, i thought it was NYC. :) these are beautiful. thanks for experimenting.

  2. you rock the tilt-shift! i'm very envious, i've been wanting one of these - i keep seeing gorgeous pictures from everyone who uses them. its amazing that it can make the most ordinary scenes extraordinary!

  3. that's great! love the images. you can also experiment without the lens by using different software for photo-editing. altho, i'd prob rather just use the lens...

  4. these are awesome shots! i think you've got that tilt shift down packed!!

    <a href="></a>


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