Tuesday, May 26, 2009

22 months old

i saw sage this past weekend.

yes. she is really that adorable.

my favorite body parts this time around?

her tongue.

her hands.
her delicate hair.

she's much more verbal now. the words i heard the most include:
-- when she wants to hold hands (but really it's to get you to do something with her).
good morning!
-- get up and play with me now!
no no no
-- means no.
baba -- (accompanied with screaming/whining) is when she asks for her favorite little blankie. she uses it to soothe herself.
ee-mo -- auntie in korean. this is the one that made me melt.

and of course, she says each word about 7-10 times in a row just in case you didn't get it.

i have plenty more to share, so that you can get a better glimpse of her personality.

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