Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a lil side project.

i had a burst of inspiration on monday night. so i started creating a business card for gene.
the original idea came to me when i was visiting them last dec/jan09, so i took a few photos of him. unfortunately, it took 3 months to finally get to this project. and it's sort of been a whirlwind of inspiration.

the best part? the creative gap is nil. from concept to execution, it turned out exactly as i had imagined. i love when that happens....b/c it's usually pretty rare!

i wanted to share it with you from original picture to final product, since it's fun to see processes.

my approach: was to think about how gene might use the biz card, who he might encounter, what he would want to communicate, and how this b.card can help the person you meet to sustain a memory of him. (this is the same thinking that went behind my own

the equation: a picture + atypical txt/image placement + a splash of color = (hopefully) high impact

my results: people are often struck when i give them my card. it's still within the accepted norms (ie. size, shape, etc) so there isn't confusion, but it's different enough that they could pick it up and remember me. the one thing i was disappointed by was the way it was printed. hence, my next step.

what's next?
finding the right printer that'll print exactly how i want who can offer the best price. recommendations are welcome!


  1. oh i like it ... a.l.o.t.

    try, recommended by my weddingbee friend. :)

  2. this is AMAZING!!! I know who to come to for my cards now... =)

    great job liz!!

  3. liz, you are crazy talented.


  4. Love it. You are a great designer! I got my cards printed at Pip Printing on El Camino right near Stanford. I used them for work projects when I worked at Stanford and was happy with them for my business cards and letterhead. Not cheap though.

  5. Nice!! I love it! How do you render the photo like that?

    I go through Wet Ink with all my prints:

    My friend owns the company and I have a couple other friends who work there, too. My company uses them a lot and they're super good and affordable.

  6. as a graphic designer, i give you an A+++. amazing indeed!

  7. WOW - Gene will be remembered by everyone who received that card! :)

  8. Seriously one of the best designed cards I've ever seen. You rock Liz! I like They'll send you a free sample set. The satin finish is amazing, but not good for people trying to write on the cards.

  9. this is so creative! LOVE it!


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