Monday, January 12, 2009

sometimes what i see isn't quite reality...

especially when my trainer gives my what-i-thought-was-quite-tone biceps a gentle squeeze and laughs. *cough* ..ouch....

i started seeing my personal trainer in november because i wanted to get stronger and finally venture into the parts of the gym that intimidate the hell out of me. (it's where all of the very giant-muscled beef heads hang out). it's hard to believe that it was exactly a year ago that i first walked into the gym, and that a year later, i'm pumping my 40-lb bar alongside the guys pressing 200+lbs. lol.

my approach towards physical activity has changed completely. i feel like i need it everyday now, whereas before, i was fine mosying along each day mostly sedentary. i had even come to a point where after taking spinning and kickboxing classes, and running a lot, i needed some more focused attention.

that's why my co-worker julie and i decided to sign up together -- to save some money and have a workout buddy who has to suffer just as much as the other. (that's really why i signed up). :-P since then, it's been a very steady journey. i must say, building muscles and sculpting the human body takes a lot more intention, precision, and time than i had expected. i've been learning how to work hard and patiently wait to see any little bit of results.

and i was starting to feel too proud of the little sculpting i had done in the last couple months. so, undoubtedly, it was helpful to have my trainer pop my ego today. talk about sobering.

my goal?
a tone body, more strength, and better endurance (for running). and once and for all, can i just lose the baby? (baby is the name of my belly; and no... i don't name everything).

tell me:
are you physically active? if so, what's your favorite way to get moving? if not, what keeps you?


  1. isn't it funny how just one other person can make you achieve that much more? for example, a more steadier work out sesh? =) and actually GO and work out. yeah, that never really happened for me. i always knew i needed a workout/running buddy. but i'm kind of putting off the fact of getting one because i know that will actually mean that I HAVE TO work out. haha..

  2. did you know that exercise actually releases endorphins and we can sorta get addicted to them? It's like a natural drug that your body makes and releases in your brain to give you feelings of pleasure. I get my fix on my bike, riding up big hills.


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