Monday, January 26, 2009

look to your


there's a little widget outlining my 75 miles in 4 weeks nike+ goal.
it's currently stuck at 42.2 miles and i'm not going to make my goal.
it's just not going to happen.

it won't.

because i've injured my leg, and it hurts to even walk too long.
i long to ride claire and to run, but i just can't. my body was telling me to stop and rest, but i kept ignoring it. and now, it definitely has my attention.

i'm seeing a doctor on wednesday to investigate what's going on. and, hopefully i'll be able to nurse my leg back to shape soon so i can go on with my marathon training. i think this hiatus will knock about 2-3 weeks of solid training out, and force me to re-start small. :(

both disappointed. &thankful.

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