Friday, January 2, 2009


out of town. sorry.
since the 24th of december, i've been in southern california, and will finally make a trek back to nor cal tomorrow. .. or.. the day after.

since 12/24/08, i've been up to (in total random order):
  1. helping my middle sister move to her new apt.
  2. playing with sage.
  3. eating loads. (too much, in fact)
  4. hanging out with family i haven't seen in too long.
  5. admiring my mom's ability to love through food.
  6. sleeping a lot.
  7. waking up to the little sounds of sage and her high-pitched-absolutely-adorable, "hiee!"
  8. making homemade song-family-tradition dumplings
  9. getting pampered by mom.
  10. eating a lot of korean cuisine....(again, too much!)
  11. running in the mira mesa canyon
  12. not blogging. not really checking email. & not really tweeting.
  13. 2.5 hour hike with my cousins, aunts, and uncles
  14. kissing sage a LOT.
  15. experiencing my most precious moment with sage.
  16. listening to her whine and be a brat. (but i still love her to death)
  17. opening a few presents.
  18. connecting with gene and helen.
  19. playing pranks on cousin.
  20. same cousin's dad playing pranks with me.
  21. reading.
  22. connecting with my cousins and family.
  23. seeing my all-time favorite uncle growing up.
  24. taking a random stop at san onofre beach.
  25. driving a lot. (right now, i'm at ~870 miles since 12/24/08)
  26. visiting old friends.
  27. having my sister make some observations in my life that definitely rang true, and was hard to hear.
  28. re-visiting my 2009 goals/hopes list (which i'll some of soon....)
  29. being sick. yes, i'm sick right now and dreading a lonesome 6 hour drive back up to the bay feeling miserable.
  30. seeing my mom as soon as i walked into my cousin's house b/c she knew i was sick. (and telling her that i wanted to see her b/c i was feeling so bad).
  31. playing yut-no-lee (a traditional korean game), where we split up into households and play for $$$.
  32. doing the big bow during a korean bowing ceremony where we pay respect to the elders...and as long as you're not married, it's fair game to bow to get new year's money. (ow ow!)
sad that this vacation is nearing its end. (i'm going to miss having this much time off.)

on it's way:
  • my list of things i want to become and do before i'm 30.
  • my 2009 hopes.
  • pics of sage.
  • pics of family.
  • my final 2008/december self-portrait. (i think).
  • where this blog is headed.
PHEW..that was a lot of text. and for that.... a little gift. of my favorite little person.

lots of love, liz

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  1. Wow! sounds like a great vacation San Onofre is one of my favorite beaches in the world. It's where my family goes every father's day for the whole day and it's one of the best long board beaches around! I hope you enjoyed it!


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