Sunday, December 21, 2008

a wee lil one

i planted beets. months ago.
very expectantly, i waited patiently and watered (almost) faithfully for the 3 beets that survived. (out of .... 60 or so). i waited for them to heave (as it's called in the farming world). and a week ago, i saw this one heave.

enthusiastically, i went outside and gave it a nice what-i-thought-was-going-to-be-a-really-satisfying YANK!

um. yeah. not quite what i had imagined. and not quite satisfying in the way i had hoped.

but. it's still cute. and definitely picture worthy. this one's my favorite.

i have 2 more beets. one that looks like it'll be nothing more than just a fat root, and the other could possible be eaten whole in one bite.

i think i could look at and eat beets all day.
... . .. um, okay fine. i probably can't look at them all day, but i sure could eat them ALL DAY.

o. i love winter love affairs.

persimmons, i'm not two-timing. i love you both a lot. ;)

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