Monday, December 15, 2008

o yeah.

turns out, i came in 3rd in that turkey trot for women between 25-29 category. pretty cool.  :-)

what hasn't been cool is that ever since that 5K, my leg(s) have been hurtin'.  i think i really pushed it where it wasn't ready to go. 

recently, i've been thinking a lot about how it feels to not be able to do something i want to do.

what does it mean for me to wait?
how do i need to be patient when all i want is an instant fix?  
how do i so easily get into this "let's just medicate, and it'll be fine" (aka: denial) mentality? 
how do i take my able-body for granted? 

on friday, i was feeling pretty angry. unsure of why... i ran through a few different reasons. and regardless of why... i realized that everything felt exacerbated because my leg was hurting, i had a sore in my mouth, my body was super sore from a hard workout on wed, and just blah-blah-complain-complain.  and it made me wonder about people who live in harsh conditions that might cause all sorts of physical ailments. made me think..."yeah, it makes sense that someone might be in a bad mood when they feel like crap; it totally sucks!"

so. ... it made me think of those people who are full of joy &love in the midst of physical pain, and how they are that much more beautiful.  this is especially true of the elderly.... all of those forgotten lovelies around us who are rich in age.  


  1. Get a bike! They're much easier on the legs, still great exercise, and a ton of fun. But yeah, people who find joy in spite of pain impress me too.

  2. @Josh. yeah, i need to get a bike. i want to make it part of my daily lifestyle (um, after the rain passes). ;)


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