Friday, November 21, 2008

today. we have a choice

to. have another mundane friday.
to. get whipped up with the furies of the day
to. let anxiety dictate your decisions.
to. forget that we surrounded real human beings.
to. deny that you are beloved.
to. say no to listening to your heart
to. say you are too busy.
to. be .. too busy. too important. too __?__
to. let your heart,mind,body &soul wither.


to. believe that you are absolutely beloved.
to. make it the best day of our lives.
to. open our hearts to someone it's been closed to.
to. let go of the ways we've always believed something to be.
to. adopt something new.
to. let our spirit free.
to. run around and laugh uncontrollably.
to. kiss someone deliberately.
to. say yes.
to. let your body move like it's never done before.
to. love.
to. start a new day.

to either do life. OR. to live life.
i hope you choose to let your heart guide you today.



  1. thanks for this. i think i've been too much in the upper category these past few days. o- and happy early birthday twin.


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