Sunday, November 23, 2008

the first day

of my new year was spent well. -very well.
i'm 26 now. 26!

&it helped that i was overwhelmed with love and pure joy on saturday.

i had a little dinner get together with friends - fresh and ripened - to celebrate friendship. (my bday was just an excuse to get all of us together in the same room at the same time).

b/c these people have all shaped me to be who i am today. and their families &friends....have shaped them. and so we are all connected in a complicated, yet very simple way -- in the way that love does. &i'm grateful. so grateful.

the images below are of the decor my roommate and i put up. it was inspired by this couple that had such a humble, intimate, sweet, &unassuming wedding. i too, wanted to keep it simple &sweet. so, went with white paper cranes and some pieces of tissue paper thread through string.

if i were getting married, i would want that day to be something of that sort -- nothing really fancy, but everything really meaningful.

thank you. for all the bday wishes, love, and being part of my life - (even if just through the [say this with a dorky robotic computer voice] IN-ter-NET).

1 comment:

  1. i share the same sentiments about my plans for the wedding...simple and meaningful. lovely, liz.

    so glad you are enjoying a new, fresh year...albeit older and more...ripened. :)


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