Monday, September 29, 2008

self-portrait 9 & central

central street was where i walked the long walk. on my search for dinner, i walked by The Man's Hat Shop and didn't think much about. but, for some reason, i felt like entering, so i did.
i saw some neat hats and decided to take my self-portrait for the month of September here (long overdue). i've been to the southwest twice this month, so it seemed fitting that part of what i want to capture about this month are the unique experiences i've had. the images were taken with my iphone, which is also fitting because it's my new toy since losing my phone on a run.
but here's where i met Bill and R.C.the conversation started with a few recommendations for places to eat in old town albuquerque, and then esclated into wearing hats to pose for a pseudo photo shoot. R.C. tipped my hat with a precision that i found quite intriguing. i also found out my head is as large as or larger than R.C.'s. hm.

thanks for showing me such a good time Bill and R.C. I'm going to send these pics to you soon, as promised.

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