Thursday, September 18, 2008

le route

from work to home.
on my way, my phone popped out of my pocket. (poppin pocket?)

so, i back-tracked 1/2 a mile and decided it was gone. the total trip ended up being about 9 miles with a short detour to the verizon and apple stores. since i lost my phone, i'm really considering getting the iphone. i already love it, now i just need to consider if my love for is it willing to throw down a chunka chunka each month.

on a different note, i had a few firsts today:
  • first time i've ever decided to run home from work
  • first time i did run home from work
  • first time experiencing being "in the zone" while running
  • first time losing a phone
  • first (and last) time living on Sept 17, 2008.
i lived today...and i know i lived it well.

1 comment:

  1. you're starting to sound like jesh more and more. :) hope you found your phone if not welcome to iPhone club!


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