Monday, September 8, 2008

brush brush

she walks.
she babbles.
she drinks from a straw.
she eats like an adult.
(and poos like one too) yuck!
she tries to make me laugh.
she scrunches her nose.
she makes funny noises.
she has an edible bootie.
she has edible thighs too.
she hates brushing her teeth until now.
she mimics me.
she is so playful.

4.5 hours to LA
2 hours to SD
6.5 hours back to Palo Alto
13+ hours of driving was worth every penny, second, and mile, when she ran into my arms to give me a hug.

sage helps me love.


  1. Such an adorable picture!!!!! Love it. She is so cute! That is a crazy amt of time to drive, I can't do it. Blargh - sounds like you had a great weekend.

  2. Want to come over and brush your teeth with Anna? She hates brushing her teeth. Love the photo of Sage and you. So glad it was such a great trip. Aren't they really fun at this age?

  3. there is an obvious connection between you and sage -- it's touching to see such pure love and joy between two people.


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