Friday, August 22, 2008


how did that dolphin get stuck to sage's forehead?

"i know...reaching for the opposite side of my head will get that clown fish off of my head! [grumble] my arm is not long enough. =( why did auntie liz do this to me? i want to pounce on her."

"i know, i'll plug my ears because if i do that, usually it makes sticky foam fish stickers fall off of my head."

"oh boo, it didn't work."

i miss sage a lot.


  1. i can see why, she's so adorable! =0) i want to eat her up myself. =)

  2. I love Sage photos! I love how you enjoy her and that comes out in how you play with her. And yes, isn't it funny how short their arms are? For a while Anna couldn't reach the top of her own head. Imagine if our arms were that short... Post more Sage photos soon!

  3. sooo cute. my fave is the last one...the caption could be something like "auntie liz, why do i need to continue with this charade... please take these things off my head."

  4. @shee shee - what do you mean..."charade!!" :P she loved it! can't you tell?


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