Friday, May 2, 2008

scott robert workshop, part VIII

Sometimes, I think the best shots come when you least expect. This was when Adam and Sona were just sitting around after I had them pose what I had hoped would be a "high-fashion" shot.

That image came out just fine (how could it not, this couple is hot stuff), but I love the emotion that was captured here far more. I think what I'm finding that I really enjoy capturing the in-betweens.


  1. I really like the genuine emotion of this image. nice!

  2. I think in this area, I'm like you, Liz. I like the unexpected and prefer it to the posed. . . its so raw and genuine. But I guess in our field, we need a balance of both, yes?

    On that same note, I read Dooce too. I think you have better pictures. :)


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