Thursday, May 1, 2008

scott robert workshop, part VII

This one's one of my favorite shots from the entire cruise week. This guy was just standing there watching all of us.

One thing that struck me about being on the cruise were the people - the service people.
The cruise employed people from over 70 different countries, some of which have been working there for many many years. Talk about diversity!!

Perhaps I went into the trip with some preconceived ideas, but for some reason I thought the workers would be unhappy and mistreated. (And they might be). But, they always presented themselves with what seemed to be a genuine joyfulness to serve us. I'm sure the cruise industry is much more complicated than I can even imagine. If you are familiar with this industry's social responsibility factor (or the lack thereof), I'd be interested to learn more. Either way, I'm still grateful for those interactions I had. These folks were probably the most beautiful....

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