Tuesday, May 20, 2008

fuming + 5 hours

The TSA lady at SFO was a total jerk to me.

Late March, I got to SFO a little later then I should have to catch my early am flight to San Diego. (Thanks again Nyam for that ride!) So, while everyone at Virgin America was trying to be helpful to get my on my flight, the TSA lady took her time to get me through security. I kid you not; whe was intentionally slowing things down. 3 other people behind me missed their flight because of her.

So, anyway, I was fuming because I missed my flight by about 7 seconds. (I am not exaggerating. I ran like a crazy-aunt-trying-to-see-her-baby-niece down the corridor when I saw the cabin door shut AND
SEAL). It made me so mad, I started crying. And I can reassure you, they were not tears of sadness...they were tears of anger.

And there, I began my 5 hour wait until I'd be able to catch the next flight to San Diego. Me, SFO, my laptop, camera, and a lot of hours in between.

What did I do? I spent the first hour writing an intense letter to SFO, letting them know about TSA agent 62456 - (I made that up) - and her inappropriate conduct. (Un)fortunately, I never sent it. I just needed to vent my growls. You can imagine why though. B/c I was so sad I couldn't spend those hours snuggling with this lil THANG.

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  1. She is just sooooooooooo friggin cute!! I hope she's into "younger guys" because I'm going to make sure little Sean checks her out! = )


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