Monday, February 18, 2008

o SD: Day 1

Baby oatmeal + prune juice = Sage looking like she had a feast after getting into her diaper and using her new motor skills to shovel "nasties" into her mouth. Two things: 1) She looks like she might puke in about 7 seconds, and 2) Her bib: thank heaven for little girls.

When my sister first picked me up from the airport, I got into the back seat and sat next to Sage during the drive home. For the first 5 minutes or so, she just stared at me. She examined my face and tried quite hard to figure out where she had seen me before. "No, not quite mama....and definitely not grandma. hmmmm... I think you're the one that likes to nibble on my cheeks, thighs, ears, and toes. Liz Im-mo!! (Im-mo="aunt on mom's side" in Korean). On my end during those 5 minutes, I felt like she was searching the depths of my soul and was afraid that she would figure out my inner most secrets. I needed to look away quickly before she found out too much.

Who'd she learn that from?
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