Saturday, February 2, 2008


Change creates options and opportunities. Yesterday, my roommate and I were supposed to go to Oakland for a community dinner, but the friend hosting it called back and said.."oh! I'm in Vegas!"

We had just hit the fork on the 101N where it splits off to the 80E when we heard the news, and at the very last second, decided to go left into the city. From turn to turn, decision to decision, we let the moment decide where we would end up. We were open to adventure and open to each other.

Our random stream of choices brought us to the Fillmore neighborhood where we had dinner and walked around in the painful cold. Later, we found ourselves in the Lower Haight at a random dive bar surrounded a random mix of people we're normally not around, drinking our beer and cider.

"I'm happy," said Liz.
"Me too, " Nat replied.

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