Thursday, February 14, 2008

In 25 years

Honestly, a tribute to Valentine's Day? Yes, I bought in...I had was the best Valentine's Day ever in 25 years. It gave my roommates and I to make light of a holiday I especially don't enjoy.

Last month, while in LA, I saw an ad for Step Up 2: The Streets. I decided I would have to see it when it premiered on 2/14. So, Nyam, Nat and I got in our pjs and headed over to Shoreline to make sure we got seats for the best dancing movie I've ever seen! YES, the BEST. I'm such a nuthead for bad acting dance movies. I even squealed out loud in glee at one point, and kicked my legs up and down b/c I was so happy.

I'm headed to San Diego for the weekend to visit my sis, bro-in-law, and sage. I think I might come back with about a thousand pictures of the cutest baby ever.

This picture was taken at the Palace of Fine Arts.

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