Monday, January 14, 2008

powerhouse - day 2

I took my first spinning class today; it was pretty intense. No wonder people had their towels on the handle bars...I was sweating like a person who sweats a lot. Part of the reason why I took the spinning class was to avoid Mr. Muscles. I was afraid to see him again....and you know what....he was there. Go figure. I went straight past him to the locker room and then straight back out into the room class was held. I hoped that Mr. Muscles would be gone by the time I got out, but he was inevitably still there. Standing so still, flexing is enormous muscles. *shudder*

Well, I decided I wouldn't let him intimidate me, so I went to the free weight area and did a few arm things and just focused on my 5 pounders.
Afterward, I decided that I would just go right up to him and take a picture. So, I did....

Say hello to Mr. Muscles. Some people call him Governor.

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