Tuesday, January 15, 2008


One night last week, my roommate left a little ferret hiding in my bed. So, when I came home late and lifted my blanket to go to bed, I squealed because I saw a little critter laying where I was supposed to be. I giggled, (thought of what I'd do to get her back) and pushed the hairy thing aside.

Sunday night, my roommates and I were having dinner and we decided to have the ferret join us since we have 4 chairs and there were only 3 of us. Ferret even got a name that night -- we (or maybe I) decided to call him Ferris (like Bueller). He doesn't shed hair, ask for food, need to be let out, make a mess .... He also doesn't move, want to cuddle, wag its non-existent tail, smile, or return my kisses.

I've always wanted a ferret-dog-snake, but not sure if this is exactly what I was imagining.

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