Saturday, January 26, 2008

o LA: the end

o LA: Day 4 was the end of my LA series, in terms of pictures. I have more LA pics posted on facebook, so check it out. We can become virtual friends if we're not already.

Being in LA made me:
Remember how much I love the bay area.
Aware of how I'm a visitor to the place I spent 17 years of my life.
Appreciate the variety of ethnicities and their communities, and
See more clearly how divided the city is.

I found myself meeting a lot of random people, having short-random-fun encounters, smiling a lot more, taking risks, and being in the moment. It was that same feeling I get when I travel to a new place - my mind and heart was wide open. I'm realizing that that feeling is possible to achieve in the "mundanes" of everyday life; and I'm in the process of getting there.

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