Thursday, November 3, 2016

How to get Diclegis for cheap

Listen up all you nauseous pregnant ladies. I have news for you that might blow your mind about DRUGS that'll make your miserable life a tiny bit better while pregnant.

But first, let me say that I had a (imagine saying this Donald Trump style) HUGE mental barrier to taking prescription meds while pregnant. I just kept thinking to myself, "I don't need to do that. Be tough. Just do the over-the-counter stuff. BLAH BLAH." Well, after seven months of being nauseous, gagging, vomiting, and hearing me say how nauseous I've been, my midwife touched my arm and compassionately said to me, "It's time." I nodded and said, send the prescription over mama!

(Side bar: After I had gotten over the mental barrier to going on prescription meds, I had to get over the financial barrier of paying $14/day for Diclegis. It's $7/pill and it's recommended I take one in the morning and one in the evening.) HOLY MOLY. That's like 4 lattes a day! But I conceded to pay.)

Here's the thing, I'm part of a health share program called Samaritan ministries, so I pay everything out-of-pocket, and then get reimbursed. I knew I'd get reimbursed for the drugs, but these are real people who are sending real checks to me, and I felt like if I could hold out as long as I possibly could, I wouldn't have to burden all these health share members with my obscene Diclegis bill.

Well, I couldn't take the nausea anymore so I decided to burden them all. No one should have to suffer like that every day. No one.

Anyway, here's what I learned about getting Diclegis for cheap if you do not have traditional insurance or don't have insurance at all. (There's information about how to get a discount if you do have insurance, but I didn't go that route, so that's up to you to figure out.)
  1. Go to
  2. Click in "Savings & Resources"
  3. Under "I don't have or Diclegis is not covered by my insurance," you'll want to download this form, fill it out, and send it to your medical provider to complete it. 
  4. Call your medical provider and let them know you're sending the form and ask them to fill it out and mail it in asap. (I did this, so they would have it top-of-mind.)
  5. Once your medical provider submits it, a rep from Foundation Care will call you. Answer it. Verify your address and your identity. 
  6. Pay for your pills.
Voila! You'll get in in the mail a few days later. For $90, I got 90 pills!

I've been on Diclegis now for about one week. I take one pill in the morning and one in the evening and the first day, I felt a big difference. The subsequent days were hit and miss. I was gagging less, but just felt my normal pregnancy self = bad. But after about a week, the meds are in my system and I seem to be able to handle the day SO MUCH BETTER. I'm still occasionally nauseous and certain smells or sights will trigger gagging, but it's not nearly as much as before. 

Next time I'm pregnant, I'm not even going to think twice about getting on Big-D!

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