Tuesday, May 6, 2014

why would we do this to ourselves?

40 days and 1900+ miles of pedaling from vancouver, canada down to the mexico border.


i don't know...
because we can.
because we want to. 
because why not?

i've been craving an adventure that demands physical exertion, living simply/creatively/resourcefully, and a new context to learn more about my beloved. plus, i've been curious about doing a serious bike tour for an extended period of time. 

so, when we committed ourselves to it, of course everything started coming together nicely -- as intentions often do. but i didn't think the day would approach as rapidly as it has. the idea was conceived and crystallized in february after an energizing conversation with our ski instructor who's done this ride. and we chose may 12th as our start date because it was far & close enough away.

if not now, then when?

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