Saturday, May 31, 2014

intermission: i miss...

after six days of camping in oregon and arriving at st. paul's episcopal church in crescent city (a host), i'm remembering what i miss when we're on the road.

1) cotton towels
2) being barefoot (especially on carpet)
3) a sofa (or two!)
4) showering without crocs
5) using a plate to eat on (and salad dressing!)

i'm grateful:
1) to not have to hold my peepoop until i'm about to burst so as to avoid having to crawl out of a warm sleeping bag.
2) i don't have to shoo away mosquitos and clap them to their death until the sun goes down and wear rain gear when it's not raining to protect myself. 
3) to have all the amenities i need within 50 (bare) feet from me. 

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