Wednesday, May 28, 2014

day 15: cape lookout state beach to beverly beach state park

it's only been two weeks? feels longer. well then, i guess it's time for more stats!

miles cycled: 634
salami sticks consumed: 2.5
blocks of cheese consumed: 5.5
# of times we've camped: 11
# of times we've slept on a bed: 5
# of rest days: 2
favorite power drink: iced americano
number of conflicts: 1.5

what i like about oregon is that everything wants to grow. everything moves towards flourishing. imagine if we humans constantly strived for that kind of flourishing in our lives. what kind of world could we create? 
it was sunny and blue skies this morning. the beach was jurassic park-spectacular again, and i just stood there in awe, especially juxtaposed to last night's windy shenanigans. one thing we have learned from our time in the windy madison valley (in montana) is that the wind always brings in a change in weather. we thankfully, woke up to something dramatically different. 

good thing because climbing our largest ascent to date happened immediately after exiting the state park, but damn it felt good to conquer it. samuel and i have gotten a lot stronger, and we are able to see it in our performance and in our legs. it's kind of amazing!
the whole day was exquisite and challenging and we felt awesome at the end of the day. the old highways and byways that took us away from the main road were sensational. the peace that came with those moments were restorative for our souls. i remember at the old 101 hwy, i needed to walk after climbing for several miles, so we hopped off our bikes and walked for a mile or so. no cars, just us and the forest. and then we got an amazing 3-4 mile downhill. wowowowow! SO MUCH FUN! 
but then 4 o'clock rolled around, as it usually does. you know what happens at that time? i crash. something in me is done! i think i can go no more. but, if there's a coffee shop, an iced americano can almost instantly make me a new woman with legs of steel. mentally and physically, i get the gusto i need to finish 15-20 more i went from literally drowsy to racing through 21 miles to our camp bringing our end of day total to 64 miles. crazy huh? give me some caffeine and a goal and i am unstoppable. ha!
(at boiler bay)
anyway, we were greeted by a very friendly park ranger at beverly beach state park and ended the evening with dinner overlooking a tremendous sunset. we were completely at awe of what we experienced tonight. i'm full of joy and gratitude for the gift of this trip and all we have gotten to witness first hand.

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