Wednesday, March 12, 2014

month 5: not-so-normal normal

my love. 

i feel like my life is full of adventure with you. and i felt like we reached more of a "normal" this month. it was really nice to connect with you this way since our marriage has been full of the new since it started five months ago. i'm appreciating the somewhat "normalizing" of life. (i use that term loosely, since "normal" doesn't usually include dog sledding, epic snow shoeing, and driving on treacherous highways.)

when i think back on this month, i don't have much to say...except betee-bbeety-boo-loo-bop-boppity-bop bop. and that i adore you! when i look at you, i think to myself, "wow. i am such a lucky girl." you help my heart expand.

thanks for fixing dinner tonight.

your kaka-bird


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