Tuesday, August 13, 2013

to be a monk. or, just a wannabe.

it's hard to believe that i've been back in the bay for 11 days. just one day longer than i was in montana. the past 11 days have gone by too quickly, too busily, too too much of everything. as a point of comparison, the richness of each day in montana easily flowers into my memory, alive with every detail. but i can barely remember the whirlwind of activity that has been whizzed past me in the same amount of time. how unfortunate! i regret allowing my mind to get overwhelmed by a belief that i needed to fill my time and "be productive."

more than ever before, i've been acutely bothered by the pace of life and the insane drive here in the silicon valley. i feel a growing desire to move away from the frenetic silicon valley beat, and instead, find and listen attentively to the native rhythm of life. what might that feel like? what would that look like?

thankfully, i am flying to france on wednesday to spend ten uninterrupted days on a tiny island called Île-aux-Moines -- or, "island of the monks." part of my fiance's family is from france, so we're making a trip to visit with them and to rest.

i have been told that no cars are allowed on this island, and that everyone travels by bicycle or on foot. i'm looking forward to just being there, observing, loving, laughing, enjoying, slowing,... and i'm especially looking forward to picking up my camera again. it has collected a bit of dust over the past few months, and i feel the tiniest itch that the island will awaken me creatively.

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