Tuesday, October 30, 2012

i have this life...

and i don't know what's to come of it. i don't think anyone does. 
but sometimes it feels like other people have this secret...it's as if they know what's to come of my life. what i should do next. what the right next step is. 

i know these "other people with all the answers" don't exist. 

but sometimes i wonder if i like to believe that story because it justifies mining for my truth from others. then i don't have to take responsibility for my choices. rather, i get to put the blame on someone else if things go wrong. but the only thing that would be wrong in seeking my path from others is exactly that. 

my journey was entrusted to me alone. it's the only life i can live. 


  1. I like this and I've been thinking about it for several days. I also like your new header picture. You have an instinct to ask other people about you, because you're not sure yourself what's in there. Did you know, that there are also people who have an instinct to tell you about you, because they're not sure about what's inside themselves? But this doesn't have to be lonely, we can also choose to be part of a bigger project, more than the sum of our parts.


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